2b9s is a bad ship anti-ship

2b9s is a bad ship anti-ship

2b9s is a bad ship anti-ship

2b9s ship’s resistance is weak
Whether it is “NIER and Ken” or “9S and 2B”, the “NIER” series always contains subtle romantic hints. 2b9s has an awesome ship resistance. Even though it’s not a major plot point, fans always want to guess if there’s chemistry between their two favorite characters. 2b9s is a bad ship anti-ship full information.

Sometimes it is confirmed that at least one character has feelings for another character; An example is Nier kissing Kane at the end of Nier: Replicant. In NieR: Automata, 9S’s activities towards 2B indicate a strong obsession. 2b9s has an awesome ship resistance.

While 2B is more indifferent and less open about her feelings, this (much like Ken) is a clear sign that she may like him too. 2b9s is a bad ship anti-ship.


NieR: Automata anime and game have a good side-by-side comparison

2b9s ship’s resistance is weak
your story
2b with 9s
The 2Bs and 9s have been working together for several years so they have a lot of experience, at least on the 2B side. The 9S has little or no memory of 2B. But whenever they meet, a close bond is formed between them.

9s always make connections first when introducing themselves and try to show off their knowledge; As seen in the first episode when he talks about machine behavior.

However, it seems like 2B is keeping her away – but as we see in the first scene, she’s holding his body down, so she may be afraid of commitment. She also told 9S in episode 2 how his voice calmed her down.

your voice

2b woke up

2b9s is a bad ship anti-ship

When 9S and 2B come across them again, 9S always addresses them with respect and uses polite language. But 2B always told them that honorifics were unnecessary and that informal language should be used.

2b9s ship’s resistance is weak
In Japanese, you don’t hide matters of respect from someone unless you know them well. Even close friends, including relatives, sometimes use honorifics. However, it is also common for people in close relationships to reject respect.

In a professional or work-related environment, it’s important to speak politely – 2Bs and 9s are coworkers after all.

lover committed suicide

2B and 9S black box view
2B’s actions simply do not reflect his feelings.

The way the environment is designed and the choices the animator makes during interactions can act as additional lighting. At the end of the first episode, when 9S realizes he is too injured to survive, the two decide to sacrifice themselves via the black box. The way they embrace and the setting of the scene is reminiscent of a loved one’s final moments.
You can also see them taking out the black box (the animators put a lot of emphasis on this), 2B and 9S show each other what they care about. In the classic romantic tragedy, the lovers exchange words of affirmation before dying. Given Yoko Taro’s penchant for symbolism and tragedy, this is exactly what may have happened.

2b9s ship’s resistance is weak
“NIER: Automata” Ver1.1a Episode 1 + 2 Review

(Warning: This article spoils a large portion of NieR: Automata, as well as the original NieR.)
NieR: Automata is the worst game of the year, and I doubt many people would agree. I don’t know what your comments are like, but looking at my social media updates, there is nothing but praise for NieR developed by Square Enix/PlatinumGames:

Automatically, whether released or continued. Throughout the gaming season, I was hard-pressed to find anyone other than a handful of friends who thought this game wasn’t a heartbreaking masterpiece, and except for the Video Game Hell podcast, it did. Most of them were destroyed. My initial feelings about the game. Reputation at the time of release.

2b9s is a bad ship anti-ship

Aside from the odd podcast, the biggest criticism of NieR: Automata is the claim that the game is “too hot”, which I assume comes from a segment of the game’s fans (who, to be fair, are fans of the game) here at Director. comes). More so than anything else in Automaton.

I don’t think NieR: Automata is a popular game. I think this is the worst game of 2017. The critical response didn’t motivate me to do it publicly, but at the same time, I felt the need to do so. I don’t think my writing will change anyone’s mind, but I do think I would regret letting this year go by without writing about my problems with the game.

Now complete introduction

Once everything is ready, you can officially start shooting. I guarantee this is the last time you’ll hear about 2B’s ass.

NieR: Automata isn’t the worst game of the year because it’s not fun at all. There are a lot of things I like about this game. There are a lot of cool robots out there, a lot of them gay, and I, as a gay robot, love them. In certain parts of the game, the beautiful music adds to the eerie, gloomy atmosphere that I enjoy in general and something I’d especially like to see revisited after the original Nier.

Topics include existentialism, society, and how society

Being created and recreated, and how would non-humans understand personhood if their only frame of reference were humans?

These are all things I love and why I bought NieR: Automata as soon as it was released on PC, even though I planned to buy a PS4 a few months later.

The problem is that these things I like aren’t important parts of NieR: Automata.

2b9s is a bad ship anti-ship

He helped in the middle of the game. Automata care about one thing more than anything else, and they begin to sacrifice all other parts of themselves to achieve their goals. Characters die left and right, themes are brought to a conclusion or abandoned entirely, the pace hesitates, and the story becomes darker.

It’s all in pursuit of the thing NieR: Automata cares more about tragedy.

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