Codigo de Barras perfume

Codigo de Barras perfume

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Codigo de Barras Perfume: How to check the authenticity and quality of a perfume product
Gloria J Bourke

Perfume is one of the most common and personal products people use every day. Perfume can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s smelling good, expressing your personality or impressing others. But not all fragrances are created equal.

There are countless fake and substandard fragrances on the market that can ruin your experience and even harm your health. How can you tell if a perfume is real or fake? One method is to check the Codigo de Barras perfume, the barcode of the perfume product.

The word “Codigo de Barras Perfume” refers to the bar code of a perfume product that can be used to confirm its validity and quality. The product’s origin, manufacturer, batch code, date of manufacture and expiry date are all encoded in the barcode, which consists of a series of numbers and lines.

You can avoid buying counterfeit goods, control quality and safety, and promote moral causes by scanning the barcode on a perfume bottle.

We discuss how to use Codigo de Barra’s perfume to check the manufacturer, expiration date and place of origin of a perfume product, how to recognize other authentic characteristics of a fragrance and how to avoid the typical pitfalls when buying. Perfume in person or online in this post.

Using online services to review Codigo de Barra’s perfume

Using online services to review Codigo de Barra’s perfume

Using online companies that offer this option is one of the fastest and easiest ways to check Codigo de Barra perfume. You can check a perfume’s barcode on a number of websites, including [Perfume Barcode Checker] and [Check Fresh].

These websites allow you to enter the barcode of a perfume product to see details about its origin, manufacturer, batch code, date of manufacture and expiry date.

To use these online services, you must first find the barcode of the perfume product. Often the barcode is on the bottom or back of the box or bottle.

It can also be written on a label or sticker attached to the item. The country code, manufacturer code, product code and check digit are the four parts of the barcode’s 12 or 13 digits. For example, the barcode meaning is 8411061819857.

Codigo de Barras perfume

Country code: 84 (Spain)
Manufacturer code: 11061 (Puig)
Product code: 81985 (Paco Rabanne One Million)

Once you find the barcode number, you can enter it on the website of your choice and click the “Search” button. The website then displays information about the product based on the database. For example, if you enter 8411061819857 in [Perfume Barcode Checker], you will see the following:

Origin: Spain
Manufacturer: Puig
Brand: Paco Rabanne
Name: One million
Type: Eau de Toilette
Size: 100ml
Batch code: 9L01
Production date: September 2019
Final expiry date: September 2024
There are many benefits to using Codigo de Barra’s online perfume testing services. You can quickly and easily check the authenticity and quality of any perfume product without having to open or use it.

You can also compare different products and prices from different sellers and platforms. You will also learn more about the history and background of your favorite brands and perfumes.

However, using online services to review Codigo de Barra perfumes also has some limitations. Not all websites are accurate, reliable or current. Some websites may not contain information about specific products or brands.

Some websites may charge fees or require registration to access their features. Some websites may experience technical problems or errors that affect their performance. Therefore, you should always use more than one website to check the information and look for other signs of a perfume’s originality.

How do you recognize other characteristics of originality in a perfume?

In addition to searching for Codigo de Barras perfume online, there are other physical characteristics that can indicate whether a perfume is genuine or fake. These features include:

Packaging: Original perfume packaging is usually made of high-quality materials such as cardboard, plastic or metal. The print on the packaging should be clear and distinct, without typos or grammatical errors. The packaging must also have a label or S

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Many perfume products on the market are not always original brands. The danger lies not only with dubious points of sale, but also with large retail chains. No buyer will be happy to buy a counterfeit product. It is important to be careful not to fall for the provocations of a fraudster. Each package has the first “helpers”: a barcode and a batch code.

Consider how to determine the original appearance and verify the barcode.


Check perfumes online for barcodes
American barcode up to 12
Decode the European barcode ean 13
The most important types of barcodes on goods.
Barcode Verification Accuracy
What is a barcode used for?
External signs of a real perfume
How to distinguish an original perfume from a fake perfume?
Check perfumes online for barcodes
Enter the 13-digit barcode:
To verify
We recommend using the form where you can check the perfume with a barcode.

Codigo de Barras perfume

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There are services where you can find out the authenticity of the code indicated on the product online. Some check the correctness of the combination with a check digit, others have a database of products registered by the manufacturer.

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American barcode up to 12
Enter the 13-digit barcode:
To verify
We recommend that you buy original perfume here
Manufacturers in the United States and Canada provide their products with a twelve-digit code. It is decrypted as follows:

From the third to the sixth: information about the manufacturer.
The penultimate 5 are product features.
The last one is the check digit.
US and European codes may be listed together. However, they are on different sides of the packaging.

Decode the European barcode ean 13

Enter the 13-digit barcode:
To verify
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The European barcode includes:

First digits (2 or 3) – country of origin.
The next 4 or 5 characters are information about the manufacturer.
The next 5 digits are the article number.
The last sign is control.
One or more codes can be assigned to a country.

For example, the code for France – 30-37, England – 50, USA and Canada – 00-13, Russia – 460-469, Germany – 400-440, Italy – 80-83.

Five key figures that characterize the product define:


Consumer properties.
Weight and length.
This data is only available in the manufacturer’s electronic catalog.

You can use the check digit to check perfumes for originality.

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Codigo de Barras perfume

For example, a barcode consists of numbers: 5391017076009. Manual checking of a perfume barcode is performed according to the following algorithm:

Add all the numbers in the even places: 3+1+1+0+6+0=11.
Multiply the resulting amount by 3: 11*3=33.
Calculate the sum of the odd positions, excluding the last check digit: 5+9+0+7+7+0=28.
Now add the two sums from points 1 and 3: 33+28=61.
Subtract tens from the obtained value (in this case 6 tens). Number 1 remains.
Subtract the number 1 from 10: 10-1=9.
Compare the value obtained with the control: 9=9.
The correspondence of a certain number with the control is a confirmation of the perfume’s authenticity. However, this does not work in all cases. Some manufacturers classify their code and then the services cannot recognize their product.

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