Floor and DECOR Return Policy

Floor and DECOR Return Policy

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When shopping for furniture, decor, and other home improvement products, it’s important to understand a store’s return policy in case you need to return something. Floor and DECOR Return Policy. Floor &DECOR is a popular home DECOR store that sells a wide range of flooring, tiles, carpets, and other home DECOR products.

In this blog post we discuss Floor & Decor’s return policy, what they do and don’t accept and what needs to be done to ensure a return or exchange is handled correctly.

Knowing the details of the return policy can help customers make an informed decision when purchasing products from Floor & DECOR, ensuring that they can return or exchange products if necessary.

If you are not completely satisfied with your in-store or online purchase, you can simply return the goods within 90 days of purchase to one of the Floor & DECOR ® companies with a Return policy.

Regardless of whether you bought the item in-store or online, you can return it unopened, unused,


Floor and DECOR products are shipped to the US and Canada. However, their return policy is unclear and it can sometimes be difficult to get your money back for your purchases. You have 90 days to return products under Floor and Decor’s return policy, but certain restrictions apply to all purchases.

Below I provide a clear explanation of Floor en Décor’s return policy to answer your questions. Plus, you’ll learn how to handle flooring and decor refunds for both in-person and online purchases.

Return Methods

return policy for flooring and furnishings

You can complement the floor and interior with your product in two different ways. This includes in-store returns and online returns.

The store return only applies to these customers because Floor and DECOR only has stores in the United States. For Canadian customers, online returns are the only option. You can also return items you have purchased online in-store by sending them by post to Floor and DECOR.

Floor and DECOR Return Policy

Return in the floor and interior store in the USA
Open the website and go to the store locator. It is possible to find the nearest store.
Make sure you have your product in unused condition and the receipt with you before you go to the store. If you do not have the receipt, you must bring identification with a current valid photo.

A Floor and Décor employee will assist you with the return and examine the item and your receipt.
You will receive a receipt and refund confirmation via email once all formalities have been completed.
Depending on how you paid, the refund will be processed within 7 business days.
Online returns from Canada and the US
Online purchases must be returned to the same location they were shipped from or to a flooring and DECOR store. Follow the given steps:

To return the items, you must have a return authorization. To do this, call customer service at 877-675-0002, Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., to 9:00 p.m.
When speaking with customer service, have your receipt available and provide the order number. In addition, they help you with additional delivery instructions.

Once you have received permission to return the goods, pack them ready for delivery.
The goods sent by LTL must be attached to the pallet with tape or shrink film. The truck will not pick up if the goods are not properly secured.
Additionally, FedEx shipments must be packaged to prevent breakage or damage during transit.
Shipping costs for these returns are at your expense.
Your return will be processed within 36 to 48 hours after Floor and Décor receives your product.

How do you get your money back?

return policy for flooring and furnishings

Products returned within 90 days will be refunded using the same payment method as when originally purchased. Store credits will only be given to customers returning items older than 90 days.

Payment method Refund and credit policy

Credit card and debit card Deposited directly on the credit or debit card.
Cash products under the price of $500 can be refunded for cash. Products over $500 will be refunded in the form of a check mailed to the buyer’s address.
common questions
Answers your questions about the return policy for floor coverings and decorations

What is Floor and Decor’s return policy?

Floor and DECOR Return Policy

Floor and Decor’s general return policy allows returns within 90 days of purchase. Special conditions apply to clearance items and online orders.

What are the return conditions for tiles?

The return policy for tiles falls under the general return policy, where returns are possible within 90 days. To return, you need the original packaging and proof of purchase.
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What are the return and exchange conditions?

Floor and Decor’s return policy allows a refund if the item is returned within 90 days with the original receipt. On the other hand, the exchange policy allows you to exchange one item for another. Here, too, an original receipt is usually required.

Can I return an opened item to Home?

This question depends on the At Home retailer and their specific policies. Many stores will accept opened items as long as they are returned in resalable condition, complete with original packaging and receipt. But to be sure, it’s important to check each store’s policy.

Can a store refuse a return?

Floor and DECOR Return Policy

Yes, a store can refuse a return based on its return policy. Common reasons for this are missing a receipt, returning the item outside the specified return period, or damage or use of the item that makes it unsaleable.

What happens to returned opened items?

What happens to returned goods varies from retailer to retailer. Some may restock the item if it is in salable condition, while others may mark it as an Open Box and sell it at a discount. Some retailers may also ship returned items back to the manufacturer, especially if they are defective.


Understanding Floor and Decor’s return policy can save you time, money, and stress. Always be informed and make smart purchasing decisions.

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