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Smart Square UOFL Health: A Recipe for Common Sense Planning
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18 September 2023

Are you tired of planning chaos in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed by a mountain of meetings and find it difficult to balance work, family and private time? Fear not because Smart Square UofL Health is here to save you from the meeting madness!

Planning: The struggle is real

Let’s be honest; Planning can be a real headache. It’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded while riding a unicycle.

Smart square UOFL

You have appointments, doctor’s appointments, soccer practice, and that all-important dentist appointment you’ve been putting off for months because you’re convinced that flossing alone will save your teeth.

We’ve all been there: desperately trying to hold our lives together while silently yearning for a personal assistant with impeccable organizational skills.

Enter Smart Square UOFL Health

Now imagine having your personal planning assistant at your disposal. Health is like a planning genie in a bottle, without the cramped living space.

It’s your ideal solution to streamline your life and take back control of your schedule.

Why Smart Square UOFL Health is the true MVP

  1. Simple planning:
    UofL Health makes scheduling easy. With just a few clicks, you can book appointments, meetings and even that long-awaited coffee break with your old friend Bob, who sends you non-stop messages. It’s that easy; Even Bob could think of it!
  2. No more double booking problems:
    We’ve all been there: accidentally registering twice, then desperately trying to clone ourselves to attend both events at once. UofL Health is here to help. This ensures you don’t double book, so you can avoid awkward conversations where you have to explain why you can’t come to Aunt Mildred’s crochet show AND the office karaoke night.
  3. Customizable reminders:
    Life is busy and our brains are only slightly better than a sieve when it comes to remembering appointments. Smart Square sends you customizable reminders and saves you those moments when you realize you missed an important meeting because you thought it was next week.
    A healthy dose of humor

Now you might be thinking, “But planning apps is about as exciting as watching paint dry.” Well, think again! Smart Square Health brings a healthy dose of humor to your planning woes.

You go to your next appointment and the app sends you a funny joke like, “Don’t forget to breathe; you can do it!” or “Don’t worry, the dentist doesn’t bite. Well, at least not on purpose.” It’s like having a little stand-up comedian in your pocket, ready to brighten your day.

And if you’re feeling particularly stressed because of a busy schedule, UFOL Health can tell you, “Take a deep breath and imagine a beach vacation.” Oh, wait, you’re still in that meeting. Wait!”

Smart square UOFL

Stress-free health management
Smart Square UFOL Health isn’t just about planning; It is also a powerful tool for managing your health. With the app you can:

  1. Keep track of doctor’s appointments:
    No more digging through piles of paper to find that elusive doctor’s appointment. Smart Square UFOL Health stores all your medical appointments in one convenient place, making it easy to stay on top of your health.
  2. Medication reminders:
    It can be easy to forget to take your medication, especially when life gets busy. UofL Health sends friendly reminders to ensure you don’t miss a dose. It’s like having a friendly nurse on the phone!
  3. Access to health records:
    Do you need quick access to your medical records? No problem! Smart Square Health securely stores your medical history so you can share it with healthcare providers when needed. It’s like having your own personal medical filing cabinet, without the paperwork that comes with headaches.

It is time to consider future planning
In a world where time is a precious commodity, Smart UOFL Health is your ticket to sanity. It’s like
UOFL Health is a fully integrated regional academic health system with seven hospitals, four medical centers, more than 200 physician offices, more than 1,000 providers, the Frazier Rehab Institute, the Brown Cancer Center and the Eye Institute.

With more than 12,000 team members: doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists and other highly trained professionals
Professionals –UOFL Health is focused on one mission: to provide patient-centered care to every patient, every day. LEARN MORE With our extensive network of office-based and academic physicians, we are present in communities across Kentucky, providing each patient with the expertise, care and compassion that are at the heart of our mission
we serve. Pestel Leroy Merlin As a leading academic health system, we have recruited specialists from all disciplines: experienced healthcare providers with experience in a wide range of complex medical and surgical problems.

This means that we treat the simplest medical questions with the same care and competence as the more complex questions.
Michelle Broers, PT, DPT, CWS, FACCWS, has been at UOFL Health since 2001. She is the Program Manager for Burns at the Burn Center at UFOL Health – UFOL Hospital. Emily E. Volk, M.D., MBA, FCAP, joined UofL Health in March 2023. She is vice president of systems pathology and laboratories at UofL Health. In this role, Dr. people
oversees pathology and laboratory operations in UOFL Health. Leigh Ann Waggoner, MSN, RN, has worked at UFOL Health for five years. As the Stroke Educator and Performance Improvement Coordinator at UofL Health – Stroke, Leigh Ann works with team members, managers and caregivers to expand stroke education across the UofL
Health as much as possible.
Through our collaboration with the University of Louisville School of Medicine, we develop future technologies, better processes and more advanced treatments.

This means that UFOL Health brings education, research and innovation to our hospitals, clinics and practices.
Minds from across the system and around the world working for you.

Sample Police General Incident Report Not only do you have access to the latest innovations, research and clinical trials in healthcare, but your healthcare providers are also directly involved in changing the future of healthcare and imparting knowledge to the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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Smart square UOFL

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for Illinois and Beyond In addition to the seven UIC Colleges of Health Sciences, UI Health is a powerful healthcare organization serving individuals and families in Illinois and around the world.

UI Health provides a variety of primary and specialty care services at the University of Illinois Hospital & Clinics, Mile Square
Network of health centers and many other clinics within the Faculty of Health Sciences. The University of Illinois Hospital & Clinics is the only general public hospital in the state of Illinois and consists of a 455-bed hospital; the Children’s Hospital University of Illinois (CHUI) – with a 55-bed neonatal intensive care unit; and an outpatient care center with more than 21 primary schools
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