wendy’s facebook hacked

wendy’s facebook hacked

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Wendy’s Facebook page is in complete chaos and that is a brilliant move. It’s fun because it’s so unexpected.wendy,s facebook hacked.

wendy’s facebook hacked.

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I don’t know if you spend a lot of time scrolling through fast food restaurants’ Facebook feeds, but if you haven’t visited Wendy’s page recently, you should. It’s complete chaos.This is certainly not what you would expect from a globally recognized brand like Wendy’s. wendy’s facebook hacked.

It’s also fun.

The most obvious assumption would be that Wendy’s was hacked.You would think that if a company like Wendy’s had been hacked, someone would have said something.

Instead, the company’s Facebook page reads like someone’s very drunk grandfather accidentally took the social media intern’s iPhone and didn’t realize he was posting to an account with more than eight million followers. It sounds like a marketing disaster for business.

And yet the fact that it’s so unusual for a company’s typical social media playbook is brilliant. You see, the social media strategy that most businesses adopt has become predictable. Brands have mostly become boring.

This is at least partly due to an attempt to avoid controversy.

This is also because social media platforms are generally more difficult for brands to manage. For example, the unpredictability of Twitter (now known as “X”) since its acquisition by Elon Musk makes it difficult to know how best to use the platform to add value to how customers engage with their favorite brands.

wendy,s facebook hacked

Even on more secure platforms, brands can seem tone-deaf or even lost. When Meta launched Threads last month, it didn’t take long for the brands to appear, which wasn’t great.

How much should a restaurant known for its square burgers and Frostys contribute to yet another social media platform?

Turns out it’s good, just not in the way you might expect. As Wendy’s proves, brand marketing doesn’t have to consist of clichéd, carefully planned platitudes.

Practically speaking, the news is very funny. It’s actually funny. It’s especially funny, of course, because Wendy’s shares them publicly. If your uncle shared something like that, you’d probably already blocked him, but since it’s from Wendy, it’s funny.

I reached out to Wendy’s for comment but did not hear back before publishing this article. I was very interested in the considerations behind the strategy. It could have backfired completely. It could have damaged the company’s brand. Instead, I think you can argue that it was raised instead.

I think it’s fair to say that there have only been a few really good social media hits from big brands. Oreo’s famous “You can still dunk in the dark” during the 2013 Super Bowl stadium power outage is up there.

It wasn’t just because the post itself was clever and on-brand, but also because of how quickly the company thought of sharing something and executed its plan.

It seemed completely spontaneous. In reality, however, that one tweet was the result of a decision the company made nearly two years earlier to double down on its social media strategy. When the moment came, all the pieces were in place.

In this case, the same principle applies: Wendy’s has clearly given its team permission to just post random ideas they come up with. But someone, somewhere, typed in Wendy’s Facebook vote and got it right. The company has developed a social media strategy that resembles random chaos. In reality, it’s just brilliant.
With countless American fast food chains offering junk food classics like hamburgers, fried chicken and burritos, Wendy’s stands out from the crowd.

While they offer fast food like grilled burgers and spicy chicken nuggets, they also offer chili: a deliciously unusual fast food offering. As hearty and delicious as chili is, sometimes it gets boring. But fear not, because a Wendy’s expert on TikTok has discovered an exciting menu hack that will change the way you order Wendy’s chili forever.

wendy,s facebook hacked

In the now-viral TikTok video, a social media food influencer walks us through the steps to unlocking a secret menu item: ultra-potent chili fries. To begin this flavor journey, start by ordering a bowl of Wendy’s classic chili with cheese, chicken nuggets, fries and sour cream.Finally, top your souped-up chili fries with a dollop of sour cream for a symphony of flavors and textures that rivals any other Wendy’s menu item.

Although Wendy’s has chili cheese fries on the menu, with this order you get a larger portion of chili and the irresistible addition of crispy chicken nuggets for an extra dose of protein.

Customize your ultra-charged chili bowl from Wendy’s

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While this menu hack is a hearty version of the standard Wendy’s chili cheese fries, it may not suit your diet, lifestyle, or desired tastes. If so, don’t worry; There are many ways to customize this item to suit your needs.

If portion control is an issue, consider splitting the ultra-loaded bowl of chili with a friend or ordering the smallest size available for fries and nuggets. Want the full experience without unnecessary calories? Skip the cheese and sour cream and enjoy a dairy-free version of this chili bowl hack. While it may not be as convenient, for a cheaper option you can order chili cheese fries with a side of chicken nuggets.

If you have ingredients on hand, experiment with different cheeses like Pepper Jack or Smoked Gouda. Add some heat with sliced jalapeños or add a dollop of guacamole for a creamy avocado kick. Sprinkle some tortilla chips or crackers on top to make it even crunchier, or sprinkle fresh herbs like cilantro or parsley for a touch of freshness.

While this particular menu hack is best suited for Wendy’s, the sky’s the limit. Might we recommend pairing the waffle fries and nuggets with Chick-fil-A’s tortilla soup?

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