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Lawn Doctor of bridg Lawn care by the old bridge.
Extremely green grass from our lawn in Old Bridge.

Is your lawn patchy and weak? Are you tired of fighting? Whatever your situation, We offer lawn care services in many nearby areas of New Jersey, such as Old Bridge, and can transform your yard quickly and affordably.

We remove weeds and pests, improve color and thickness, and produce a lawn you’ll love again – all through services backed by one of the strongest guarantees available. Lawn Doctor of bridg

About our lawn care.

Why should you spend your weekend tending to your lawn? With Lawn Doctor from Matawan, this is not necessary. Simply put your lawn in our experienced hands and we’ll get to work improving its overall health and appearance.

When you hire our team, Lawn Doctor of Matawan will start by evaluating your yard so we can learn more about it. This allows us to identify the grasses present, assess soil quality, and determine other properties that affect health.

We will then develop a care plan and plan for your lawn as well as the local growth and climate conditions in the Old Bridge area. Thanks to this approach, our services are tailored to your location and optimally timed to suit our region.

Lawn Doctor of bridg

At Lawn Doctor of Matawan, you can choose from many different options. Regardless of whether you are interested in individual treatment to solve a specific problem or want to hire us for ongoing care every month. This includes: Lawn Doctor of bridg


Control of broadleaf and grassy weeds
Fights against moles and caterpillars
Care of trees and shrubs
Providing lawn care services in Old Bridge and surrounding areas
Lawn Doctor of Matawan can give you the best of both worlds when you choose us. We are part of the larger Lawn Doctor family, which means we have access to industry-leading equipment, cutting-edge research, and extensive training. At the same time, we are also locally owned and operated and therefore anchored in society. We attach great importance to this and will always do our best to serve our many satisfied customers, whether it is:

Old Bridge
Foal neck
Or another neighborhood in the area
Getting started with us is easy. Contact us today for a free lawn consultation in Old Bridge, NJ!

You want a lush, healthy, and green lawn; but you are busy.
That’s why we’re here to help you with a wide variety of lawn care services available for lawns of all shapes and sizes in Bridgewater, NJ. Whether you’re struggling to keep weeds and bugs at bay, or you’re dealing with thin, blotchy, yellow patches on your lawn, the Lawn Doctor of Bridgewater is just a phone call away. With our help, you can enjoy your lawn again – without effort or hassle.

Tailored services for better results in Bridgewater That’s why we take the time to do a thorough analysis of your lawn to determine the cause of the problems. Whether your lawn is suffering from soil compaction, nutrient deficiency, or dandelion overgrowth, we can design a customized action plan to get your unique lawn in the best possible shape.

Fertilization and weed control

Lawn Doctor of bridg

Care of trees and shrubs
Mosquito control
Check the control
Pest control perimeter
In addition to custom lawn care services, Lawn Doctor of Bridgewater can also provide ongoing maintenance services year-round. This allows us to ensure that the right mix of key nutrients and weed control products are applied at optimal times throughout the year. You don’t have to lift a finger and can be sure that your lawn is well-protected and well-nourished regardless of the season. Lawn Doctor of Bridgewater can even provide you with a natural lawn.

Backed by the best lawn care guarantee in the industry
Regardless of whether you need a one-off fertilization treatment or regular maintenance of trees and shrubs, this applies to all our lawn care services.

Grass fertilization at Great Bridge

Beautiful woman playing with emergency puppy on green grass made healthy by grass fertilization at Great Bridge

At Lawn Doctor of Greater Chesapeake, our expert lawn fertilizers help Great Bridge area residents enjoy lush, healthy lawns. We provide expert, tailored care that takes your lawn’s growth to the next level and provides incredible protection against weeds, disease, and a variety of pests. With years of proven service in the field, we’re proud to offer an industry-leading warranty to back up our work.

Providing your lawn with the right amount of nutrients is no easy task. Getting the whole process right requires an experienced professional approach. To ensure your lawn gets the healthy treatment it needs, Great Bridge residents can skip their DIY experiments and let our trusted professionals take care of it. We ensure that your lawn receives the expert care it needs for continued growth and strong protection.

Our team ensures efficient access to high-quality nutrients at all times. The result is an incredibly dense, vibrant green lawn that looks amazing and withstands all types of hazards. Other benefits include:

Strong growth and healthy grass with a beautiful green appearance.
Natural protection from weeds, pests, and diseases.
Continuous nitrogen supply due to our long-term fertilization.
Dedicated service from caring local professionals.
Freedom from difficult and confusing gardening.
Protected by our strong service guarantee.
even more!

Lawn fertilization program underway

With the ongoing services of our lawn care program, you can ensure year-round growth for your lawn. To ensure your lawn always has the right nutrients, we offer a range of regular fertilizer treatments. This leads to better, more sustainable growth and continued protection from external threats.

We make the most of each space by creating customized plans for each client. This comprehensive approach is possible due to many years of on-site experience. Our lawn professionals know the area better than anyone and are ready to create the perfect plan for your unique lawn.

big bridge
Norfolk county
deep bay
and surrounding communities
If you want to know what our lawn fertilizer experts can do for your Great Bridge lawn, contact us today to get started.
Tick control in old bridge for safe lawn
Close-up of a tick from Lawn Doctors Tick Control in Old Bridge

Ticks are a common threat to New Jersey lawns. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease and other diseases that can be spread by ticks make controlling their populations an important factor in keeping your lawn safe throughout the season. For safety, you can rely on turning to professionals. At Lawn Doctor of Matawan, we use a comprehensive tick control approach to keep Old Bridge lawns safe year-round. With our proven treatments, we get the job done right.

Our solutions for tick control

Lawn Doctor of bridg

Effective tick control requires a multi-pronged strategy. At Lawn Doctor of Matawan, you’ll work with a team that utilizes one of the most comprehensive pest control programs in the industry. With our proven Yard ArmorĀ® pest control system, we eliminate ticks from outside your home and keep them away for longer. Here is a brief description of the different stages of this system and how they are designed to provide lasting protection:

check. The first step to a tick-free lawn is to control all active populations. Our team will perform initial targeted treatment using our advanced tick control products to significantly reduce the tick population in your garden. With this first application, we will make your lawn a safer place for you, your family, and your pets.

Prevention. After our first application, we prevent ticks from developing into large populations in the future by identifying and eliminating risk factors that may attract ticks. By effectively managing areas of your lawn such as bushes, shrubs, and dense forest areas, you can reduce.

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